Meet Nefateria

Life Coach, Author & Speaker

Nefateria F. Robinson Owner of Go Get It, Inc. and Founder of The E. League. My mission is to educate professionals on money management to include credit through simple, easy to follow coaching programs that provide accountability and tangible results in little time.

Nefateria’s VIP Service, Credit Concierge is for people that want that one on one support as they improve their creditworthiness.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach and Author, she specializes in helping amazing professionals, like you. The only problem is you believed if you made good money you could have the things you want. That has not been the case, because you have had some credit challenges. Through her services you can get on the journey to a better credit score and financial freedom.

In the fourth grade I learned how to balance a checkbook and the importance of making sure it was balanced. Because I also bounced one. You are probably saying how could you bounce a check in the fourth grade? My teacher was teaching us check writing and as I would later find out balancing. So, I bid on items and not realizing I out bid what was left in my account. That lesson never left me and helped me become financially responsible at a young age. Plus, learn the importance of being financially savvy.

As far back as I can remember my family has taught me about money. One of the first scriptures I was taught was Roman 13:8, “Owe no man nothing but to love him for him who have loveth has fulfilled the law.” When I got my first job at 16 I was told to only spend the some and save the hundreds.

I purchased my first home at 25 with no money down or co-signor. I was completed debt free by 38. Left my full-time government job at the age of 39 to pursue my dream of full-time entrepreneurship.

Are you tired of debt stealing your dreams? Want to turn “but money” into “money is not a problem?” I can help you A.C.T.; Activate faith, Commit to a plan and Take action, That Will Change Your Life, and Credit..

Let me help!